MedX Core Machines Featured L31

3 MedX Core Machines in Like New Condition

The following 3 MedX Core Machines are for sale and are in a “Like New Condition”. They can be purchased either individually, or as a group. For more information please call Greg on:  858 453 7770 Listing #31 MedX Core Machines

MedX Core Lower Back Featured

MedX Core Lower Back For Sale In Excellent Condition

MedX Core Lower Back Machine This particular Medx Core Lower Back Machine has white frames, black pads and blue shields. It is a well documented medical fact that roughly 80 percent of the population suffer from lower back problems. Proper exercise for the spinal erector muscles with the MedX Core Lower Back Machine can prevent […]

Rare MedX Torso Rotation Featured

MedX Lumbar, MedX Cervical & MedX Torso Rotation For Sale

For sale Medx Medical Lumbar Extension and MedX Cervical Neck machines together with a very rare Medical Torso Rotation machine. All three MedX machines are in perfect working condition.     For more info about the MedX Lumbar, Cervical or Rare Torso Rotation machines please Call Greg on: 858 453 7770   Listing #1440 ~ […]

MedX Medical Combination Featured

MedX Medical Lumbar & Cervical Combo For Sale

This is a Beautiful Combination of  MedX Machines We have a Medx Medical lumbar Extension machine and a MedX Medical Cervical Extension machine for sale. We also have a Medx Bicep Curl machine and a MedX Tricep Extension machine that accompany the set of MedX Medical machines.   For more info about these MedX machines […]

MedX Range of Machines Featured

MedX Machines – 17 MedX Machines in Mint Condition For Sale

MedX Line of Machines consisting of 17 individual pieces of equipment for sale. All of these machines are in mint condition and may be purchased either singularly as individual pieces or as a group.   For more info about this listing of MedX Machines please Call Greg on: 858 453 7770   Listing #1438 ~ […]

Medx Torso Rotation featured

Range of MedX Medical, Core & Strength Machines For Sale

We have just purchased a range of 11 MedX machines from  PDR Clinics Neck & Back Pain – Non Surgical Treatment. They are all in excellent condition. Seven of these MedX Machines have already been sold however there are 5 that are still available. The Rotary Neck,  MedX Medical Lumbar and MedX Cervical Extension machines […]

MedX Group of Core Machines Featured

Group MedX Core Machines For Sale

We have a Group of Medx Core Machines  for sale and it includes an MedX Abdominal, MedX Core Low Back, MedX Rotary Torso and a MedX Super Stretch. Also pictured with this group of MedX Core Machines is a Nautilus 4 Way Neck Machine . Our whole body is linked by our core muscles and […]

MedX Leg Press Featured

MedX Leg Press Machine – Superior Leg Press

 MedX Leg Press Machine listing in excellent condition This MedX Leg Press is far superior than other leg presses from other manufacturers. One of the things that makes the MedX  range of machines so special is that they have equalized resistance through the full range of motion. There are no chains, cables or guide rods. […]

MedX Avenger Leg Press From the Original Brochure

MedX Avenger Leg Press – Rare Plate Load Machine

MedX Avenger Leg Press is for sale and is a very rare plate loader The MedX Avenger Leg Press main features as described in the original Avenger Training System brochure from the early 1990’s. Three seat-back angle settings provide squat, hack squat and leg press exercises. Shoulder restraints can be adjusted to the correct torso […]

MedX Mark 11 Cervical Extension - L1429

Rare MedX Mark 11 Medical Cervical & Lumbar

Rare Medx Mark 11 Medical Cervcal Extension and Medical Lumbar Extension Machines This pair of machines was manufactured by MedX with a smaller footprint and so would be ideal for a facility that has limited space. These rare Medx Mark 11 are for sale complete with all Dos Software, Computers, Stands and Monitors. For more […]