Complete Line of 17 Medx Machines

Complete Line of 17 Medx Machines For Sale

Complete Seventeen Piece line of Medx Medical, Core and Strength machines with grey frames and grey pads. The set includes 2 Medx Medical Machines, 2 Medx Core Machines, 5 Medx Lower Body Strength Machines, 7 Medx Upper Body Strength Machines and a Super Stretch Machine. What more could you wish for? These complete sets of […]

Medx Strength and Woodway Cardio Machines

Medx Strength Machines, Woodway Treadmill and Wattbike

3 Medx Core and Strength Machines, 1 Woodway Curve Treadmill and 1 Woodway Wattbike all in Mint Condition. The Medx Pulldown machine is the new version, the Medx Leg Press comes with an extra one hundred pound weight stack and the Medx Core Low Back machine is standard. These used Medx Machines are all in […]

Medx 8 Way Neck Machine

Medx Core 8 Way Neck, Low Back and Abdominal Machines

Three Beautiful Medx Core Machines For Sale Medx 8 way neck machine has a white frame and grey pads while the Medx Low Back and the new style Medx Abdominal machines have grey frames, black shields and grey pads. Medx Core 8 Way Neck Machine Medx Core Low Back Machine Medx Core Abdominal Machine Call […]

Used Medx Medical Knee Machine Feature

Used MedX Medical Knee Machine – Sold

Used MedX Medical Knee Machine The MedX Medical Knee Machine gives the finest scientifically designed rehabilitation for knees and you very rarely see one of these up for sale. Used MedX Medical Knee Machine Price: $12,000 – SOLD THIS MACHINE SOLD IN 5 DAYS The Medx Medical Knee Flexion and Extension Machine was designed for […]

MedX Kieser Core Low Back machine

Kieser Medx Low Back Machine

Medx Kieser Core Low Back This MedX Core Low Back machine is manufactured in Germany by Kieser. This is the German version of the classic Medx Low Back Core machine. For Sale: $4,995     Listing #L1516 – MedX Kieser Core Low Back Machine

Early Medx Line of Equipment

Early MedX Line of Exercise Equipment

Beautiful, Early but superior line of Medx for sale. This set of MedX machines comes with aluminum Top Plates. Medx has always been great quality, but this is some of the early BEST QUALITY MedX has ever produced. This listing comprises of the following Early Model MedX Machines together with a MedX Medical Lumbar Machine […]

8 Medx Machines Featured

Line of 8 Quality Used MedX Machines

For Sale, Show room quality eight piece line of Medx for sale. MedX Leg Press MedX Prone Leg Curl MedX Chest Press MedX Row MedX Bicep MedX Tricep MedX Abdominal MedX Rotary Torso For more information please call Greg Lara on: 858 453 7770 Listing #L1509 8 MedX Machines

Medx 4-Way Neck and Low Back Featured

MedX Low Back and 4 Way Neck – As New Condition

Set of MedX Core Low Back and MedX 4 Way Neck machines. both in beautiful new condition… Sale Price:    Medx Core Low Back $5,500.00 ~ Medx Core 4 way Neck $3,500.00 For more information about this set of MedX Core machines please Call Greg on: 858 453 7770   Listing #1558 ~ MedX Low […]

MedX Lumbar Cervical Special Xmas Sale

MedX Medical Lumbar & Cervical Extension

First Quarter New Year Special Sale MedX Medical Lumbar and Cervical Extension Machines from a New Clinic Plus… MedX Hip Extension & MedX Abdominal Machines Special Price $24,000 For more info please Call Greg on: 858 453 7770   Listing #1456 ~ MedX Medical Lumbar Extension, Cervical Extension, Hip Extension & Abdominal

Avenger Arm Cross Featured

Rare Avenger Arm Cross Machine For Sale

The Avenger Arm Cross is made buy the company Medx and is fairly hard to find these days.   For more info about this Avenger Arm Cross please Call Greg on: 858 453 7770   Listing #1453 Avenger Arm Cross